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Let me start by saying I have been involved in creative endeavors my entire life. I began playing the piano at age two, composed my first song at age four, and ever since have spent almost every day spending hours allowing my fingers to dance across my keyboard. Composing music for the piano gave me a place to heal and find peace. An art major in college I focused on drawing and figure drawing and I also enjoy oil painting and watercolors. I have always enjoyed poetry and more recently started writing poems and enjoying the freedom and limitlessness of expressing my heart with paper and ink. I am divorced with two grown children. My daughter is a published author and my son is attending college majoring in zoology.

rhymes and dimes

oh… to breathe clear fresh air to unbundle a world wrapped in despair how many people say “i don’t care” when there are those in dire need everywhere children who would die to laugh rather than cry only one question … Continue reading

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her form molded and scolded the fingers reaching for her skin softer than soft her ubiquitous image stalking the minds of a man with notions in his bones ‘she’ the handsome lady with too much quiet locked in her heart … Continue reading

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endless fields of blue roses

as a child the outdoors made anything possible my vivid imagination filled with endless wonder bubbling over like sweet boiling pudding with the burner set too high i would hide beneath the comforting vines of a willow tree my hidden … Continue reading

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in this beautiful lovely place

the wailing broken strings of desire transform into the dark edge of dusk where the music plays in the tender moments of angel’s wings waving to us in the windy sky we invent a guitar made out of heaven where … Continue reading

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you were my garden thriving in green who could have known the seeds of weeds unseen that you would appoint me love affairs to forget me offering you endless women for you to see all that while i thought you … Continue reading

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Yellow Stains On Cement

A home nestled over my door mama bird’s ingenuity tangled up with twigs scraps of paper, leaves and manmade garbage. Papa bird guards while mama soars off scavenging. People’s paranoid fears overlooking the freedom of a family’s nest, fearful of … Continue reading

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The bending arms in the fields bow before the sunset painting the horizon. Before the day’s surrender the shades of stardust flicker in vivid splendor melting our hearts. You melt my heart… Tips of sun-dipped wheat set our contours ablaze … Continue reading

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