rhymes and dimes

oh… to breathe clear fresh air

to unbundle a world wrapped in despair

how many people say “i don’t care”

when there are those in dire need everywhere

children who would die to laugh rather than cry

only one question remains….why?

too many hungry mouths to feed

can we help one person in need?

billionaires spend millions of dollars on a toy

while another mother just lost her little boy

how much will it cost

to save those who have already been lost?


About echowood628

Let me start by saying I have been involved in creative endeavors my entire life. I began playing the piano at age two, composed my first song at age four, and ever since have spent almost every day spending hours allowing my fingers to dance across my keyboard. Composing music for the piano gave me a place to heal and find peace. An art major in college I focused on drawing and figure drawing and I also enjoy oil painting and watercolors. I have always enjoyed poetry and more recently started writing poems and enjoying the freedom and limitlessness of expressing my heart with paper and ink. I am divorced with two grown children. My daughter is a published author and my son is attending college majoring in zoology.
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2 Responses to rhymes and dimes

  1. Niamh Clune says:

    Indeed! A question I ask myself daily. The answer is: It does not cost very much to feed a hungry African child; nor does it cost much for politicians to wake up and do what they are there for: make sure there is equity and justice. There are also many starving children on our own countries. Shame on any so-called civilised country that allows children to starve or go to school unable to learn because they can’t concentrate. Starvation is a collective problem.

    • echowood628 says:

      you’ve said it all niamh…the reality of the greed in this world (if i contemplate it too much) leaves me so angered and depressed…but i still can do the best i can do and help those i can reach…too many tears shed by the good, too many heartless acts committed those without a conscience…thank you for your comments…

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