rhymes and dimes

oh… to breathe clear fresh air

to unbundle a world wrapped in despair

how many people say “i don’t care”

when there are those in dire need everywhere

children who would die to laugh rather than cry

only one question remains….why?

too many hungry mouths to feed

can we help one person in need?

billionaires spend millions of dollars on a toy

while another mother just lost her little boy

how much will it cost

to save those who have already been lost?

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her form molded and scolded

the fingers reaching for her skin

softer than soft

her ubiquitous image stalking the minds

of a man

with notions in his bones

‘she’ the handsome lady

with too much quiet locked in her heart

a rainfall of tears blow away

as the restless winds rustle her body

stealing her soul deep into the ground

her pain was soft to the touch

while she waited to make another round

above the hardened cold asphalt

cowardly cars crawling creeping towards her

blacker than black

nightbirds looking for a twenty dollar feel

dying to stroke her wingless wings

breathing in her silken curls

cascading down her endless love

still searching for the good in people

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endless fields of blue roses

as a child the outdoors made anything possible

my vivid imagination filled with endless wonder

bubbling over like sweet boiling pudding

with the burner set too high

i would hide beneath the comforting vines of a willow tree

my hidden place of  transformation

i knew that the vines wept  for a place called always

wisping, whisking to a another world all its own

a world that i believed in

endless fields of blue roses

rivaled the bluest infinite sky

hovering over our beautiful world

to gain attention

transporting me to musical magical mist

resounding at the end of a rainbow

surely blue roses would be waiting there for me

where anything and everything was possible

my playful steps skipped over vivid visions of wishes

and as the dusk settled over dancing dreams

i had to hurry, scurry back to the protective arms

raining down over my hidden place

hoping that tomorrow while visiting my world

i would surely find blue roses

trespassing through the garden of eden

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in this beautiful lovely place

the wailing broken strings of desire

transform into the dark edge of dusk

where the music plays in the tender moments

of angel’s wings waving to us in the windy sky

we invent a guitar made out of heaven

where the strings never break

and melodies mingle as the moon shyly shows its face

to be free to love you and fly into the distant space

gathered around the dark side of the moon

perhaps the moon may sprout wings and fly away with us

where each star becomes a butterfly never to be captured

its powdered wings an intricate ornament of God’s love

oh to love you in this beautiful lovely place

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you were my garden thriving in green

who could have known the seeds of weeds unseen

that you would appoint me love affairs to forget me

offering you endless women for you to see

all that while i thought you planted my plea

watching my flower beg and pry and plead

while there amidst our beautiful garden

grew a gigantic weed

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Yellow Stains On Cement


A home nestled over my door
mama bird’s ingenuity
tangled up with twigs
scraps of paper, leaves and manmade garbage.
Papa bird guards while mama soars off scavenging.

People’s paranoid fears
overlooking the freedom of a family’s nest,
fearful of a tiny germ-infested creature.
Belting away a bird’s intricate basket with a broom,
reminiscent of american families losing their homes.

I marveled at the tediously woven work.
Witnessing survival morphed to momentary,
as moody Nevada winds whistled harshly,
speckled sparrow eggs spattered in vain.
A life within spilled out from under wishful wings.

Peering down at broken shells,
yellow stains on cement,
i felt a sparrow’s sadness.
As fractured pieces of a family remained,
mama let the wind lift her high in the sky.


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The bending arms in the fields

bow before the sunset

painting the horizon.

Before the day’s surrender

the shades of stardust

flicker in vivid splendor

melting our hearts.

You melt my heart…

Tips of sun-dipped wheat

set our contours ablaze

with their brilliant strokes

making the stars become envious.

The whirling wind settles

at the end of the horizon

pulling a blanket of blackness

over the earth.

We lay

in the dark of my dreams

until the light of day

whispers you away.

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